Conventional NICs can’t Scale with Today’s Web Servers. Use Solarflare Software Defined NICs to Improve Socket Performance, CPU Efficiency, and Scalability.

All XtremeScale server NICs from Solarflare now include Onload. While kernel-based drivers (and their context switches and buffer copies) inhibit web server performance, Solarflare’s Onload provides the maximum performance. Testing with NGINX, the most popular web server software on the planet, demonstrates that Solarflare’s Onload increased page hosting performance by 120%. The kernel bypass architecture of our Onload technology significantly reduces data copies, eliminates host CPU context switches, and intelligently steers traffic to cores servicing page requests, all while dramatically improving communications socket re-use. And if you still want a kernel-based solution, Solarflare's cut-through reduces CPU I/O workload, allowing the CPU to support more web service scalability.


True WHP Case Study


MoovIT Case Study

The Solarflare Scale-Out Performance Advantage

The Problem: Kernel IOPS Impact

For dedicated application servers like those for Web Services, going through the kernel for I/O impacts performance. This leads to shorter lifecycles for web servers.

The Solution: Solarflare Onload

Solarflare’s Onload speeds up I/O by cutting out the kernel, which simultaneously reduces CPU workload. The result: significantly higher IOPS rates, more CPU cycles available for applications, and longer server life.

Solarflare Web Server Performance

Why Solarflare Onload is the Right Answer for Web Hosting

Reduces Memory Copies

Eliminates Host CPU Context Switches

Traffic is Intelligently Steered to the Proper Core

Dramatically Improved Socket Reuse Capabilities