Improved Networking Through Extreme Technology

Solarflare is a technology company. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge extreme performance network interface cards (NICs), highly efficient software, and comprehensive networking solutions. Solarflare XtremeScale technology enables customers to reach the limits of the networks performance from bandwidth to latency. While also securing, and enabling the ultra-scalability required for today’s containerized workloads. All of this is made possible by what we call Software Defined NICs, the capability for an application at run time to leverage one or more different NIC firmware modules.

Solarflare's XtremeScale Architecture

Bringing Performance and Scale to Neural-Class Networks

Solarflare XtremeScale Architecture Infographic

Ultra High Bandwidth

A network interface card (NIC) moves data back and forth between the host CPU complex and the network, but the similarities between Solarflare NICs and others ends there. Solarflare’s XtremeScale X1 NIC cards have several methods for offload the overhead required in moving packets between the CPUs and the network.

Ultra Low Latency

Latency is the time one waits for a task to complete. Ultra-low latency is reducing that wait time down to the limits physics imposes on the execution of the task. Solarflare has several patents on technologies we’ve developed to dramatically reduce network latency in both hardware, and software.

Ultra Scale

Solarflare XtremeScale X1 family of network interface cards (NICs) internally support 2,048 virtual NICs (vNICs). Typically, these are used to accelerate network applications by mapping an application’s network flow to a specific vNIC. This dramatically improves the network performance of Virtual Machines and Containers.

Software Defined

Firmware is the name given to the software that is loaded directly into a network interface card (NIC). Firmware executes in place within the XtremeScale X1 processor, and unlike normal NIC card Firmware, Solarflare’s Firmware has several built-in execution modes. These modes enable a Solarflare NIC to be far more flexible than competing products.

Hardware Security

One of the key hardware features of Solarflare’s XtremeScale X1 family of network interface cards (NICs) is its built in ServerLock hardware firewall. With ServerLock all traffic entering and leaving every IP address hosted on a NIC is filtered. Administrators can secure their servers while also leveraging ServerLock to enable application segmentation.

Packet Telemetry

In this context telemetry is remotely collecting data on a given network packet. That data can be where a given packet was at a specific point in time along with the abstracted metadata that represents the network flow the data belongs to.