Solarflare Receives Strategic Investment from Oak Investment Partners and Xilinx

To Develop Groundbreaking Neural-Class Networking Solutions for the Modern Data Center


IRVINE, CA—June 4, 2018—Solarflare, a pioneer in FPGA-based networking solutions, today announced that it has received strategic investment led by Oak Investment Partners with participation from Xilinx, Inc. Solarflare will use the additional capital to expand beyond its current market by developing products targeting new markets.

“Solarflare has a successful history of technology leadership in low latency NICs for high performance, mission critical applications,” said Jeff Hennig, Director of Corporate Development at Xilinx, “Xilinx is committed to investing in, partnering and enabling key technologies in the data center that can take advantage of the orders of magnitude in performance and performance-per-watt improvement that Xilinx technology enables.”

“The Solarflare suite of ASIC- and FPGA-based solutions is successfully deployed in the world’s most demanding application environments,” said Russell Stern, President & CEO of Solarflare, “As FPGA’s become common acceleration platforms in the fast-evolving heterogeneous computing environments of modern data centers alongside CPUs, Solarflare has the experience and expertise it takes to develop winning next-generation data center solutions.”

Solarflare History of Innovation

Solarflare is a serial innovator starting with the development of 10GbE semiconductor products long before the 10GbE market emerged. By the turn of the decade, the company established itself as a leader in ASIC-based server adapters for demanding financial applications, and by 2012 added some of the first FPGA-based solutions for electronic trading. Most recently, the company introduced the industry’s first standard NICs with the SmartNIC like packet processing power, as well as the first suite of NIC fabric services.


About Solarflare Communications

Solarflare is pioneering server connectivity for neural-class networks. From silicon to firmware to software, Solarflare provides a comprehensive, integrated set of technologies for distributed, ultra-scale, software-defined data centers.

Solarflare solutions have earned a sterling reputation in financial services and are used by virtually every major global exchange, commercial bank and hedge fund. This exacting, regulated performance uniquely qualifies our solutions for use in ultra-scale applications in IoT, big data and artificial intelligence where low latency, robust security and insightful telemetrics are critical. Learn more at