For 100% Lossless Packet Capture Up to 40GbE

The SolarCapture product family provides packet capture capability for a variety of network management applications including troubleshooting, regulatory compliance, monitoring service level agreements, security analytics, network forensics, record keeping, performance monitoring and tuning. SolarCapture brings the ability to provide 100% lossless capture up to 40GbE, together with an open architecture which makes data available for third party applications and for export to long term storage options.

SolarCapture Appliances

Solarflare SolarCapture Appliance Model 1000 Solarflare SolarCapture Appliance Model 2000
1000 Series SolarCapture Appliance
2000 Series SolarCapture Appliance
Solarflare SolarCapture Appliance Model 3000 Solarflare SolarCapture Appliance Model 4000
3000 Series SolarCapture Appliance 4000 Series SolarCapture Appliance


There are four SolarCapture Appliance models available to satisfy a range of requirements for cost, packet to disk performance and storage for data retention.


1000 Series

5Gbps sustained persistence rate (2.2 TB of data captured per hour) with 4X1GbE ports
Handles bursts of up to 10 seconds with 2x10GbE ports

2000 Series

15Gbps sustained persistence rate (6.6 TB of data captured per hour)
Handles bursts of up to 40 seconds with 2x10GbE ports
Handles bursts of up to 20 seconds with 4x10GbE ports

3000 Series

25Gbps sustained persistence rate (11.25 TB of data captured per hour)
Handles bursts of up to 20 seconds with 4x10GbE ports
Handles bursts of up to 12 seconds with 1x40GbE ports
Handles bursts of up to 1.5 seconds with 2x40GbE ports

4000 Series

40Gbps sustained persistence rate (18 TB of data captured per hour) with 4X10 or 1X40GbE ports
Handles bursts of up to 1.5 seconds with 2x40GbE ports


SolarCapture Product Brief



Key features and benefits

Lossless packet capture as standard: designed for real-time analytics, SolarCapture provides both throughput and capacity, with multiple configuration options. With deep burst buffering, SolarCapture delivers raw frames from the wire to disk without loss at up to 40Gbps

Real-time analytics: SolarCapture allows live query of captured and time-stamped data, and online live packet processing with third‐party libpcap‐aware analytics applications, without impeding capture performance

Open architecture: SolarCapture has been designed to share data with third party applications via the SolarCapture libpcap or C APIs, and to share alerts via Syslog and SNMP. SolarCapture delivers streams from buffers in memory, or as an uninterrupted packet stream from disk when applications cannot keep up with the capture rate

Easy to deploy and manage: SolarCapture is available as a stand-alone turnkey appliance, or as a adapter and software bundle which can be installed in an industry-standard server. Once installed, the intuitive SolarCapture Dashboard GUI offers multiple configuration options, flow and conversation statistics, flow indices, query outputs, and filters


SolarCapture Appliance Options

All supporting PTP timestamping and remote management

1000 Series
Entry level

Line rate burst: 4X1GbE: Line rate
2X10GbE: 10s

Sustained packet rate to disk: 5Gbps

Storage: 7.2 TB

Size: 1U

Typical deployments: Co-lo and lightweight office deployments

2000 Series
High capacity

Line rate burst: 2x10GbE: 40s
4x10GbE: 20s

Sustained packet rate to disk: 15Gbps

Storage: 72 TB;
Expand up to 216 TB

Size: 2U

Typical deployments: WAN links to remote offices, Internet links

3000 Series
High throughput

Line rate burst: 4X10GbE: 20s
1X40GbE: 12s
2X40GbE: 1.5s

Sustained packet rate to disk: 25Gbps

Storage: 28.8 TB

Size: 2U

Typical deployments: Data centers and server farms

4000 Series

Line rate burst: 4X10GbE: Line rate
1X40GbE: Line rate
2X40GbE: 1.5s

Sustained packet rate to disk: 40Gbps

Storage: 216 TB;
Expand up to 360 TB

Size: 4U

Typical deployments: In the most demanding environments

Whatever your requirements, there is a SolarCapture solution that meets them.

SolarCapture Topology

SolarCapture Topology


SolarCapture Software Applications

For both the SolarCapture Appliance and SolarCapture System, the core management and API software come as standard, including SolarCapture Investigator, the intuitive GUI that enables configuration and management of SolarCapture installations, with metrics including flow indices, query outputs, reporting and alerts. Additional software options include:

SolarCapture Network Analytics Dashboard: this provides the ability to configure and manage more than one SolarCapture Appliance or SolarCapture System, providing a global network view and the ability to drill down to a lower level via an easy-to-use GUI

SolarCapture Investigator: manages SolarCapture Appliances and Systems, with querying, reporting and alerting functionality

SolarCapture Trading Analytics: designed specifically for electronic trading applications, the SolarCapture Trading Analytics application provides detailed metrics and reporting such as latency and tick-to-trade statistics, with customizable reports and alerts

SolarCapture Tap: for both today and tomorrow’s Cloud and virtualization requirements, SolarCapture Tap supports the tunneling of packet data from virtual machines


SolarCapture Architecture


SolarCapture System Models

There are a variety of system models available, 4x1GbE, 2x10GbE, 4x10GbE and 2x40GbE, for building and configuring a SolarCapture System using a server of your choice. Solarflare has reference server configurations available.