Your Server's Security and Monitoring Software are themselves Vulnerable

Once your server software is infected how do you prevent it from infecting others?

Can you easily monitor traffic flows in your network and determine unauthorised connections?

Can you determine authorized vs unauthorized flows?

Servers inside the data center are becoming more vulnerable to internal attacks

Three quarters of all network traffic occurs within the data center. Applications create a volume of traffic which is astronomical and growing exponentially. Ultra scale data centers are a rich and crowded space which is difficult to protect and make an attractive target for devious and persistent attackers.

SolarSecure solution for ultra scale data centers

Solarflare addresses this problem with the industry’s first Software Defined NIC with built in hardware firewalling, and software orchestration of security policies for the network. SolarSecure discovers every application data flow within your network and enforces security policies that enable valid business transactions, whilst shutting down malicious attacks.


SolarSecure Solutions



Key features

Tamper resistant, with resilient hardware implementation and no host software to attack

No compromise on latency, with firewalling offloaded into the NIC as part of packet processing

Inherently scalable architecture makes it possible to secure every packet, on every server in real-time

Security policy management made easy with automated support for flow discovery and application segmentation


Why Solarflare is the Right Answer for Data Center Security

Tamper resistant - no host software to attack

No compromise on latency

Secure every packet, on every server

Security policy management made easy