Some NVMe-oF Implementations Require Network Forklift Upgrades. Solarflare’s NVMe-oF Works With Your Current Ethernet Network.

Scale Out Flash Storage (SOFS) is the concept of presenting flash storage from hundreds or thousands of industry-standard servers as a single storage image or namespace. Also known as disaggregated flash storage, SOFS has been adopted by hyperscale cloud providers, enterprises, and service providers as a way of getting the best of both local flash storage performance, and “centralized” storage management. With the advent of new technologies such as Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric, SOFS now has the potential of achieving the low latencies of local flash storage. Solarflare XtremeScale adapters help SOFS realize this performance, without the hassles of RDMA.

Solarflare’s NVMe-oF Stack: Lower Latency, Lower Cost, Easy to Deploy

The Problem: RDMA Latency

While RDMA’s OFED stack reduces I/O copies, it introduces other latencies, and is CPU inefficient. Worse yet, it required switches with data center bridging (DCB), significantly increasing the cost of switching infrastructure.

The Solution: Solarflare TCP NVMe-oF

Solarflare’s NVMe-oF stack utilizes TCP instead of RDMA. When combined with our cut-through technology, the result is lower latency than RDMA-based NVMe-oF transports, lower CPU utilization, and the ability to use low-cost L2 Ethernet switches.

Why Solarflare is the Right Answer for Scale-Out Flash Storage

Onload: Ultra low latency for ultra performance

1000s of overlays with QoS for multi-tenant SDNs

Building blocks to optimize SDS performance

Unmatched security, monitoring, packet capture capabilities