Solarflare’s Ultimate Network Visibility Solution

With the massive increase in bandwidth requirements across your data center and electronic trading applications, you cannot afford to miss any data. 

“The wire can’t lie”

Solarflare’s packet capture, instrumentation and analytics solutions provide the most precise and accurate view of your network to maximize its performance.


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Capture. Monitor. Act. Improve. Perform. Meet the SolarCapture Solution

Uptime is everything. If you cannot see your data you cannot manage it. Visibility is becoming increasingly more difficult as the breadth and depth of networks continues to increase. Add to this a world of cloud, virtualization, container technology, and ever increasing data rates (in both North/ South and East/West traffic), and it is clear that a new approach is needed for managing data centers and electronic trading applications.

The problem: without complete visibility of the data flowing into, across and out of your network, it is impossible to identify and resolve network issues, let alone proactively improve performance, whether for SLAs or for compliance and regulatory requirements. Network performance management becomes increasingly difficult, expensive, and unable to keep up with the required data rates.

The solution: the Solarflare family of high performance packet capture, instrumentation and analytics products:

A range of hardware appliances for ultimate flexibility and ease of deployment

Industry-specific customizable analytics-based software applications to provide the metrics and intelligence you need, when and how you need them

High capacity, cost-effective network visibility and management, with 100% lossless packet capture at up to 40 GbE

With SolarCapture, transform raw packet and flow data into actionable, verifiable, long-term business intelligence. Improve your network and application response times and optimize your network performance, however demanding the bandwidth requirements.