Enterprise Service and Support

Solarflare Enterprise Service and Support (ESS) provides flexible enterprise-class support services, including contractual service level agreements (SLAs), for a broad range of customers from smaller sites to multi-national corporations. ESS is available for all Solarflare server adapters installed with our kernel drivers as well as Onload.


ESS levels address a broad range of customers, from small sites to multi-national corporations with mission critical applications. Customers who need to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley or similar international regulatory and legal requirements should choose the Premium level. 

Solarflare Enterprise Service Support Table

* The Premium ESS subscription must cover all server adapters purchased by the company and there is a minimum purchase requirement of 100. For more information on Basic, Standard and Premium levels of support, please contact sales@solarflare.com.


All Solarflare hardware products—server adapters, Application Onload Engine (AOEs) FPGAs and optical transceivers—have a limited hardware warranty. Solarflare server adapters are covered for 3 years. AOE FPGAs and optics are covered for 1 year. An extended warranty is available for server adapter products only. You can extend the server adapter 3 year warranty to 4 years (add 1 year) or 5 years (add 2 years), at the time of purchase.