Delighting Our Customers

Support that Ensures Success

We try not to just please our customers. Our goal is to DELIGHT them. By delivering a level of support and access to our engineering wizards that’s unheard of in our industry. Levels of service and access that ensure our customers’ success. Because, at the end of the day, that’s how we measure our success. Below, you’ll hear how our customers feel about working with Solarflare. And how we delighted each of them.


“We met Solarflare a couple of years ago and they were really good at high frequency trading. Our network and systems engineering teams said wait, if they work for high frequency trading, that looks just like CloudFlare. We’re processing a ton of traffic – we do over a trillion requests a month through our network. A trillion. With Solarflare network drivers applied for our application, we saw massive improvements over anything else on the market.”

Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder, Head of User Experience, CloudFlare

Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder of CloudFlare, and Dane Knecht, Product Manager at CloudFlare, discuss their company's core value proposition: to deliver a faster, more secure, always available Internet for their customers around the world. They reveal the critical role Solarflare software and hardware play in boosting network performance, greatly increasing headroom and providing a new layer of security at the server level.

Deutsche Börse Group

“When we were thinking about which technologies to deploy for our new trading platform, we took a lot of gear into our lab to benchmark performance. Obviously, choosing Solarflare means that we were very delighted with the performance we saw there.”

Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer, Director – Head of Section Trading System Design, Eurex Frankfurt AG / Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Director Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer relates his experience selecting and deploying Solarflare technology – including Precision Time Synchronization – in their world class trading platform.

MIAX Options

“We came up with a best of breed platform that gave us ultimate reliability with ultimate speed. Speed is one factor in the trading platform, but if you don't have reliability, you’ll never be in the game. One of the key things we were looking for was consistency of performance. With Solarflare – as we went from very little traffic to full-bore line rate – we saw an extremely linear and predictable jitter profile that we didn’t see from other vendors.”

Frank Ziegler, Senior Vice President, Systems Infrastructure, MIAX Options

MIAX Options network gurus Matt Rotella and Frank Ziegler describe their development of the fastest, most reliable and deterministic network possible. And the critical role that Solarflare hardware and software plays in their best-in-class trading platform.

German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ)

“My goal is to increase both compute and I/O performance in each cluster node. Solarflare offers a wealth of extensible server adapter features which are not found on competitive products. I am also interested in Solarflare's Onload middleware to further accelerate our future storage performance.”

Olaf Gellert, Computer Scientist and Administrator, Visualization Cluster, German Climate Computing Center

International Securities Exchange

“We are constantly evaluating technologies to maximize infrastructure performance for users of our premium connectivity services. Solarflare's 10GbE networking hardware is an innovative solution that has already demonstrated strong performance results.”

Robert Cornish, Technology Strategy & Infrastructure Officer, International Securities Exchange


“For performance reasons, we like to stay close to the bleeding edge of Linux kernel development. We were impressed that Solarflare's NICs worked out of the box on our new kernel. The Solarflare driver is very easy to use and offered great core scaling features. Their receive side scaling (RSS) implementation made it straightforward for us to balance our workload over all CPU cores and maximize performance.”

Jeremy Stinson, Vice President, Network Operations, MeetMe (formerly myYearbook)

Yuanta Securities, Taiwan

“We identified Solarflare as a dominant player in the low latency financial services market and look forward to working closely with them to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Boy Wu, Senior Manager, Yuanta Securities, Taiwan