Network Bottlenecks Impact Container Scalability. Solarflare’s XtremeScale Adapters and Software Allow you to Scale your Containers to Meet your Needs.

Containers are the latest technology to increase application density and performance in data centers. Mainstream network adapters impact application performance through context switches, buffer copies/interrupts, and inefficient TCP/IP stacks. Solarflare’s XtremeScale architecture frees your container-based applications from these limitations. By providing the most virtual functions per NIC port, and the capability to deliver packets directly to the container via Onload in under 3 usec, Solarflare is unmatched in container performance for BSD sockets applications.

How Conventional NICs Impede Container Performance and Scaling

The Problem: Linux Context Switching

Common problem that occurs when microservices are sharing network connections is Linux context switching, the constant suspending and resuming of processes which kills application performance centers.

The Solution: Ultra Scale Connectivity

Solarflare addresses this problem with the industry’s first Ethernet NIC with “ultra scale connectivity,” the ability to establish virtual connections from a container microservice, to thousands of other containers and microservices.

Solarflare Containerized Datacenter Infographic

Solarflare: The Right Answer for Containerized Datacenters

Onload: High Performance Networking, Improved CPU Efficiency

1000s of overlays for rich container connectivity

Flexibility to operate in either Kernel or User Mode

Unmatched security, monitoring, packet capture capabilities