About Solarflare

We design ultra high performance networking chips, adapter cards, software and turnkey systems

Which are deployed in enterprise, telco and cloud data centers

For the world’s most demanding customers

Our Solutions

High bandwidth ♦ Ultra low latency ♦ Ultra scale ♦ Software defined ♦ Instrumentation ♦ Security

XtremeScale chips and NICs, with Universal Kernel Bypass software, connect servers to Ethernet networks

SolarCapture appliances for packet capture and network analytics provide visibility into network traffic for compliance and security 

SolarSecure a NIC-based platform for security "inside" the data center where 90% of all IP traffic exists

The World Economy Runs on Solarflare

Every Major Exchange, Commercial Bank, and Trading Institution, in over 82 Countries, across every Asset Class, Relies on Solarflare Technology

What's New

Solarflare Removes the Barriers to Accelerate The Adoption of NVMe over TCP at Flash Memory Summit
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Neural Scale Cloud Solutions Provider, Solarflare, Honors Delta Networks with Achievement Award
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Solarflare Receives Strategic Investment from Oak Investment Partners and Xilinix
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Neural-Class Networks


Two macro-trends are leading to the emergence of “Neural-Class Networks”--computing environments which may or may not be used for artificial intelligence and deep learning, but share the same distributed scale-out architecture, and massive size. Neural-class networks can be found in the data centers of public cloud service providers, stock exchanges, large retailers, insurance providers and carriers, to name just a few.

Our XtremeScale Architecture



Next generation scale-out computing environments incorporate thousands of cores (neurons) inter-connected at very high speeds and at very low latencies. Servers in these neural-class networks are instrumented for the telemetry needed to automate self-driving data centers, instrumented to process packets needed for real-time analytics, and instrumented for hardware-based security. Solarflare is pioneering server connectivity for neural-class networks, from silicon to firmware to software, to provide a comprehensive, integrated set of technologies for distributed, ultra scale, software defined datacenters.

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Solarflare is an exceptional vendor to work with due to their advanced knowledge of the finance marketplace, ease of doing business with globally, quick leadtimes and ability to be agile to our clients' requirements. Our customers, who are investment banks, exchanges, trading firms/HFTs, report that Solarflare provides superior levels of support when compared with other vendors — APPCELERATE


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